The Warren Coalition held the second annual Rock & Stroll event on Tuesday, May 10th at Warren County High School. We saw many smiling faces, from both kiddos and their parents!

Our Rock & Stroll event was created to educate youth and adults about the importance of resilience, the dangers of substance use/misuse, to teach others how to handle emotions and to increase awareness around mental health. This event was deliberately held during National Prevention Week, which ran May 8th-May 14th. During National Prevention Week, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) sponsors campaigns to raise awareness around drug and alcohol misuse, suicide prevention and mental health awareness. The Warren Coalition’s goal was to do its part in this national campaign by addressing those needs in our corner of the world.

The event saw several fan-favorite stations return, such as the balloon stomp, bubble catch, and the pitch-burst. Once again volunteers sat in the cold seat while the importance of properly letting your emotions out was explained. “When we don’t properly deal with our emotions, they can build up and swell just like this big water balloon. Just like this balloon, the weight can get heavy and unstable and if we aren’t careful, it can POP and soak the people we care about most.” Participants then got the chance to throw a ball at a target to pop a large water balloon and see the damage firsthand! Aside from returning stations, there were also several new stations added, such as a “Health Walk” (which is like a cake walk, except healthy), a 3D glasses perception vs. reality station, and probably the newest favorite, an upgraded inflatable 150-foot long obstacle course!

Once again, the surveys the Warren Coalition administered were returned with positive results! Every participant indicated they had fun at the event and would return again! The Warren Coalition is thankful to all of the volunteers who helped make Rock & Stroll happen. This includes staff from Martin’s, the Phoenix Project, Warren County High School FCCLA, Navy Federal Credit Union, Warren County Public Schools, and the local Masonic Lodge, Unity Lodge No. 146.