We host a Resilience Bingo & Family Dinner Night at each public elementary school in Warren County. Families pay one low price ($5) for all members to attend. Each person receives a set of five bingo cards and a full spaghetti dinner.

Throughout the bingo games, we emphasize words of affirmation. For example, instead of calling “B-9,” we call “B, Brave, 9.” In between games, we quiz the children on the words they heard and what they mean. We talk about resilience, what it is, and how they can build it in themselves, and how their parents can help them build it.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with every family indicating that they would attend again! Because we do this event by individual school, it is not advertised publicly. We send a flyer home with every child in grades K-5 and the date is added to the school announcements.

Questions? Contact celeste@warrencoalition.org for more information!

Our next scheduled event will be at Leslie Fox Keyser Elementary School in January 2024. Watch your child’s take-home folder and the announcements for the exact date!