“We See You, Warren County,” a grassroots campaign designed to build a sense of connection throughout the community, officially kicked off on September 1, 2021.

Why Start this Campaign?

Our “We See You, Warren County” Campaign aims to build community! But, building community begins with individuals connecting to each other. At a very basic level, this happens when people witness, or acknowledge, each other, simply with good eye contact and a smile. Yet even in years without a pandemic, many people do not have that sense of connectedness with others. They feel isolated, forgotten. The rise of social media and the pandemic have caused an increase in disconnection, as evidenced by the rise in mental health issues, alcohol consumption, and drug misuse and overdoses. 

That’s why the Warren Coalition is inviting the entire community of Front Royal/Warren County—businesses, schools, organizations, clubs, families, and individuals—to engage in a witnessing campaign called “We See You, Warren County.”

How Does It Work?

Participants will commit to greeting others with a smile. A monthly theme and challenges will help you to stay engaged. You can print the flyer, and/or take on one of the challenges. The main goal is to actively greet others, whether you know them or not, and to go one step further in some way, to help spread the movement.

Participants are encouraged to share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #WeCUWC. Businesses and organizations will receive a window cling to show they are participating. Each month, the Warren Coalition features We See You participants on the We See You, Warren County website, and on Warren Coalition social media accounts. 

Sign-ups are ongoing! Click here to sign up yourself, your family, or your business or organization!

Monthly Themes 2023-24

  1. You’re an important part of our community. (September 2023)
  2. You matter. (October 2023)
  3. We are thankful for you/I am thankful for you. (November 2023)
  4. You belong here. (December 2023)
  5. It’s okay to not be okay. (January 2024)
  6. You are worthy. (February 2024)
  7. Better because of you. (March 2024)
  8. Diversity is beautiful. (April 2024)
  9. Your thoughts matter. (May 2024)
  10. You are enough. (June 2024)
  11. Thank you for being you. (July 2024)
  12. You are welcome here. (August 2024)