The DEALS HOPE (Drug Education and Life Skills and HALO Offers Positive Expectations) grant provides funding for several school education programs in Warren County.

Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones

HALO is a 12-lesson holistic health curriculum designed to educate children ages 3-6 about healthy choices and lifestyles. Thanks to funding from the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth, the Warren Coalition is able to offer the HALO curriculum for preschoolers in Warren County. Below you will find an outline of the 9 lessons and the additional resources that address related topics.

Lesson 1: I Am Special

Children begin to understand their value and ability to make their own decisions. They begin to understand what makes each individual unique.

Lesson 2: I Can

Children will begin to understand self-esteem as they realize their worth through the things they can do and also the importance of practicing new and more difficult skills.

Lesson 3: Families

Children will understand that the basic family unit has people related to one another and is joined by love. The interactions children have with their families help give them a sense of self.

Lesson 4: Communication & Feelings

Children will learn about communication and its importance in understanding others, feeling understood, and getting along with others.  Through practice they will develop the skills to communicate their thoughts and demonstrate how listening and understanding others is important when communicating. Children will also learn to identify emotions and express feelings in a safe and not harmful way. Emotions can be overwhelming, so understanding healthy expressions of their emotions with begin to establish positive mental health.

Lesson 5: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Choices

Children will learn the job each organ has to keep the body working and that the choices they make will help keep their organs healthy. They will be able to see and learn about their internal organs using a paper doll activity.

Lesson 6: Healthy vs. Harmful

Children will be able to differentiate between healthy and harmful choices for them. It is optional to include a discussion here about smoking and alcohol. Children place flashcards in healthy or unhealthy categories. Ex. Staying active, drinking water, hot stove, household cleaners.

Lesson 7: Stress & Relaxation

Children will learn how to identify stress. They will learn ways to relieve stress like stretches and breathing exercises.

Lesson 8: Healthy Lifestyles – Healthy Eating

Children will learn how different foods help fuel the body. They will learn which foods belong in the different food groups and how foods can be healthy or harmful to the body.

Lesson 9: Healthy Lifestyles – Physical Activity

Children will identify and practice fun ways they can get physically active. They will learn how aerobic activities increase their heart rate and breathing and to limit the time they spend inside sitting and watching TV or playing video games.

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