WAHOO (Working to Achieve Healthy Outcomes and Opportunities)

Community partnership aimed at increasing area youths’ physical activity and assisting in maintaining good habits and weight through a variety of self-directed activities.

Project WAHOO

The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth grant for Healthy Community Action Teams has been awarded to the Warren Coalition’s Project WAHOO for the last 8 years. 

The list of accomplishments and contributions has grown quite long over the years and includes the following:

  • Basketball court at SMS
  • Basketball hoops at WCMS, EWM
  • Blacktop painted at EWM, HJB
  • Two-piece playground equipment HJB
  • Trikes for HJB
  • SPARK obesity prevention program and equipment at HJB, EWM, SMS, WCMS
  • Heartrate monitors at SMS
  • Exercise equipment at SMS, WCMS
  • Basketball court at Rockland Park
  • Contributed to the Frisbee Golf at Rockland Park
  • 10-piece Exercise Equipment at Rockland Park
  • Contributed to the Splash Pad
  • Swing set at Thompson’s Park and Ride
  • $18,000 to support Linda G Kroll Family Feeding Program
  • Vouchers for fresh fruit/vegetables at the Farmer’s Markets for families who participate in the backpack program
  • Prizes for youth who participate in the 95210 exercise program
  • Contests for youth to create videos to encourage their peers to exercise, eat fruits/vegetables, drink a lot of water, and get plenty of sleep
  • Portable frisbee golf course for the 4-H Center
  • Clearing trails and mapping them at the 4-H Center
  • Tools for gardening, gardening books and cooking classes at Samuels Library
  • Prizes for youth at the Wellness Festival