The Warren Coalition is teaming up with Northwestern Community Services Board Prevention and Wellness Services to focus on positive messaging related to kindness during the month of January, to bring light and inspiration during a time in which there is often high rates of Seasonal Depression and excessive stress and anxiety due to the colder, darker months and COVID-19. The goal of this campaign is to provide inspiration, education, and motivation without minimizing the feelings or complex reality that many face.

The foundation of the campaign is the “tree” which takes on multiple different aspects that can be related to life and the obstacles we face, but how we can continue to grow. The goals of the campaign are to deliver the following through positive messaging:

  • To raise awareness about the stigma that surrounds mental health
  • To encourage community members to create healthy routines, connect with others, and find the positive despite the current struggles we all face
  • To foster connection and resilience in our communities by emphasizing kindness

During each week of the campaign, there will be a call to-action with tips, activities, and education to promote kindness in our communities. There are various ways to engage in the campaign, including social media engagement. To keep up to date with the campaign, follow @LordfairfaxYRA on all social media platforms for infographics, photos, and quotes. Please feel free to share their posts and include their hashtag #NWRootedinkindess.

Get involved. Be creative. Implement #NWRootedinKindess into your everyday work this month. Find ways to connect while educating the community about being kind to self and others.

In addition, yard signs with messages of kindness have been purchased as part of this effort. Interested in displaying a FREE yard sign? Within Warren County, contact the Warren Coalition at or call Celeste at 540-660-336. Outside Warren County, email

See a sign? Take a picture and be sure to tag @lordfairfaxyra and use the hashtag #NWRootedinKindess