Front Royal Police Chief Kahle Magalis and his department are kept busy in our small town of just over 15,000 people. In 2020, the department received 15,025 calls for service, including both emergency and non-emergency requests for service.

The Department’s mission is “Safeguarding lives in our community through selfless service to others and the unwavering pursuit of justice for those in need.” Their vision “is to be regarded by our community and our profession as a proactive, professional and premier law enforcement agency in the Shenandoah Valley as well as the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Chief Magalis, who assumed the duties of Chief of Police for the Front Royal Police Department in 2017, strives to create a positive working atmosphere for the people in his department, and to work with the community for the benefit of all. The core values of fortitude, respect, professionalism, and dedication drive the department towards their vision and guides them in their mission.

The Department has six major divisions, with specialized personnel contained within each one.

  • The Patrol Division hosts those patrolling in marked and unmarked vehicles, on motorcycles and bicycles, and on foot. It also includes the part-time school crossing guards.
  • The Criminal Investigations Division consists of Criminal, Narcotic and Gang Detectives. The Criminal Division handles investigations and interviews/interrogations for a variety of offenses, including fire, homicide/death, and sexual assault. They also handle evidence collection and conduct background investigations. The Narcotics Division works with the Northwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force, which is comprised of the Front Royal, Winchester, Luray, and Strasburg Police Departments, the Frederick, Clarke, Shenandoah, and Page County Sheriff’s Offices, and the Virginia State Police. They work with Federal partners including the DEA, ATF, and FBI to target mid and upper-level narcotics dealers.
  • Specialty Units include the Emergency Services Team (selected officers highly trained for high-risk situations) and the Crisis Negotiation Team (selected officers trained in proven negotiation tactics).
  • Services include the Communications Officers who staff a 24-hour, 7-day/week center handling over 20,000 calls per year, including phone calls, 911 calls, and walk-ins. Services also includes the Records Division (the point of contact for all FOIA requests) and the Evidence Division.
  • The Front Royal Police Department’s K-9 Unit provides support with highly mobile, specially trained police service K9’s. Currently they have one patrol K9 that is certified for apprehension work. Due to recent legislation, the narcotics K9 program is suspended as we work to identify funding for a new K9 that is trained in narcotics detection that is not imprinted on the odor of marijuana which has now been legalized in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“The Front Royal Police Department chooses to be a member of the Warren Coalition because we believe in their mission to promote safety and health within our community, particularly, our youth population,” Magalis said. He added that the Front Royal Police Department brings to the Coalition the perspective of law enforcement and public safety.

The Front Royal Police Department is also a part of the Front Royal/Warren County Drug Prevention Committee that is working toward bringing treatment services and a Drug Court to our community.

Chief Kahle Magalis