We brought lessons of resilience to many of the schools this year, starting with Skyline High School at their open house in August, and ending with E. Wilson Morrison Elementary School in May. We had beautiful weather at EWM, but it was a bit chilly for our Pitch Burst “volunteers,” so for once we encouraged ponchos and hats.

The Pitch Burst is an important part of the resilience lessons we teach. We use it to explain to children that if we don’t talk about our feelings with others, they build up until one thing makes them explode, just like the pin that pops the water balloon. And just like the water gets all over anyone nearby, when our feelings burst out of us, sometimes they “get all over” other people, even those who had nothing to do with the reason we were upset.

Our other lessons this day included Affirmations Jenga, overcoming obstacles, and speaking affirmations to others.

Thank you to all of the teachers and staff members who helped us bring the Pitch Burst and other resilience lessons to the children of Warren County this year!